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GI2AM is the Research Group on Environmental Engineering belonging to the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Universitat de València. GI2AM focuses on research, analysis, design and implementation of treatment processes for industrial gas and liquid emissions.

GI2AM was founded in 2002 by 4 assistant professors, Prof. Carmen Gabaldón García, Prof. Paula Marzal Doménech, Prof. Vicente Martínez Soria, and Prof. Josep Manuel Penya-roja Oltra, with previous research experience in water treatment (including pilot plant exploitation), soil contamination, and chemical processes such as heterogeneous catalysis and vapor- liquid separation. Nowadays, the staff of GI2AM has been broaden with other professors, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and technical staff. Group members

The research lines of GI2AM focus on promoting environmental and economical sustainable technologies as an alternative to conventional technologies for the treatment of air  and water industrial emissions, and solid wastes. The GI2AM activities are funded with national and regional programmes, and with R + D contracts with companies resulting of the intensive collaboration with industrial partners to promote the transfer of the technology. Projects

The professors of GI2AM teach in the Chemical Engineering Degree, in the Environmental Science Degree, and Biotechnology Degree of the Universitat de València, and in the Master in Science of Environmental Engineering and Master in Science on Chemical Enginering of the Universitat de Valencia.

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