P. San Valero

Pau San Valero Tornero was graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Universitat de València in 2009. She obtained her MSc in Environmental Engineering at the Universitat de València and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2011.

She joined GI2AM in 2009. She was awarded with a public and competitive 4-years PhD grant in 2011 from the Spanish government to develop the doctoral thesis.

She got her PhD in Chemical, Environmental and Processes Engineering at the Universitat de Valencia (2016), in which she was awarded with the Extraordinary Doctoral Award. Her PhD research work was performed on mathematical modelling of treatment of air emission polluted by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with biotrickling filters. This work comprises removal of VOC by biotrickling filters, mass transfer determination, model development and  process simulation.

In October 2017 she was granted with a postdoctoral position of public and competitive concurrence from the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain). In the framework of this position, she developed a postdoctoral research stay in 2018  in the research group headed by Prof. Christian Kennes (Universidade da Coruña). 

In November 2018, Pau became an Assistant Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Valencia, at which she is actively developing her teaching and research activities.

In October 2022, Pau became an Associate Professor at Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Valencia.


Research ID: O-4923-2015

Scopus: 37050384000

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