Prof. J.M. Penya-roja

Josep M. Peñarrocha started his research activity in environmental engineering in 1992, developing his work in biological wastewater treatment (mainly in mathematic modeling and kinetic studies, both at bench and pilot scale). Since the foundation of the research team GIA2M in 2002, he applied his expertise in biological treatments to the removal of VOCs in air and broadened the research on VOC removal to photocatalytic processes.

He has been supervisor of one PhD in the Doctoral Program of Chemical, process and environmental engineering in the University of Valencia.

As university professor, his academic experience is mainly focused in environmental engineering and biotechnology as well as in chemical engineering, with over 15 year of teaching experience.



ORCID: 0000-0001-9496-182X

Research ID: K-8652-2014

Scopus: 6602374469

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