Prof. C. Gabaldón


Carmen1Prof. Dr. Carmen Gabaldón is Chemist since 1990. She is full-time faculty employee of the Universitat de València since 1993. She obtained her doctoral degree in Chemistry in 1996. Nowadays, she is Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universitat de València. She has experience of 20 years of teaching in Bachelor studies of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences. Nowadays she is professor at the MSc on Environmental Engineering and she is the Director of the Doctorate Programme of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Universitat de València. With a research experience of 20 years, since 2002 she is the director of the Environmental Engineering Research Group of the Universitat de València.

Her research is focused on the development of sustainable technologies for the control of industrial emission into water and air. In the last years, her research is mainly orientated to the Solvent Emission Control by biotechnologies, with a broad experience on experimental research, mathematical modeling, and industrial application. She has coordinated more than 15 research public projects (including regional, national and European public funds) and several research transfer contracts with companies. The accumulated research budget managed until now is around 3 million of Euros. She is the co-author of more than 40 scientific papers in JCR-listed journals and has participated in numerous international conferences. She has supervised 3 doctoral thesis and several MsC thesis. Nowadays, she is the supervisor of 4 PhD students. She is the coordinator of 2 Marie Curie multi partner actions: Next Air Biotreat (FP7/2011/People/IAPP GC nº 284949) and TrainonSEC (FP7/2013/People/ITN GC nº 606942).

ORCID: 0000-0003-3136-2269

Research ID: K-6708-2014

Scopus: 6701436092

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