N. Vermorel


nadineNadine Vermorel graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2013. During her Master’s studies in the “Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles” (ISIB), she undertook two internships in the chemical and environmental engineering fields: one in Solvay, for the development of a new product for industrial effluents treatment and another one in Food, Medecine and Consumer Safety in the Belgian National Reference Laboratory for Pesticides.

In February of 2014, she joined the GI2AM (Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería AMbiental) research group at the Universitat de Valencia, to further undertake research in chemical and environmental engineering. As a TrainonSEC* project participant, her objective is to study the removal of VOCs in air by using biochemical technologies.

* TrainonSEC is a project funded by the European Commission, within the Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate (EID) programme. The scientific goal of this program is to find environmentally friendly solution for industrial processes using solvents, by reducing waste emissions while decreasing energy demand through the production and use of bio-energy. A novel biotechnology is being developed, for this purpose.

* To find out more about TrainonSEC project: http://trainonsec.eu/.